Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Training

Quality assurance is a process that ensures the development and delivery of the software products are at the desired level of quality. It also ensures that software is delivered to the customer meets the customer's expectations and resolves the needs mentioned. It's an important factor in saving the cost,  time and effort while maintaining the quality standard of the product.

What does a Quality Assurance manager do :

  • A Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for all the aspects of the software development lifecycle. Carry out continuous rigorous testing and evaluate the quality of the developing software. They work closely with the software development team and the clients to make both of the teams are on the same page. They also identify ad test the important aspect of the software that the clients will mainly use. Also, the managers submit the feedback gained from clients to the development so that they are aware of any bugs or issue clients may have and address it as early as possible.

    Program Structure : 


    Outcome : 
     >  Understand how Software Projects are handled in real-time with examples
    > Better understanding of  Software Testing methodologies, tools  used in the Industry
    > Better understanding of QA process starting from requirement gathering to project delivery
    > Types Of testing and their real-time application and usage in projects at different stages 

    W3Grads, Kanpur provides Quality Assurance training with carefully curated courses and modules by experienced trainers. These trainers will be guiding you the entire duration and help out understand the process of Quality Assurance and how to implement the various testing methodologies and tools involved. Also, this training program involves practical training that will help to know how to implement and device different testing strategies. All these will align you with what the industry demands from you.