Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence is commonly referred to as the intelligence or capabilities that is displayed by the machines which mimics human intelligence and actions. AI is a part of computer science where it assesses its environment and decides on the course of action to take to meet its goals.  Artificial Intelligence is also referred to as machine learning as well. 

What is the Scope pf AI Development:

  • Since its inception, AI has shown rapid growth and has spread across several industries. But the availability of better computational resources, AI is quickly adapting to needs or requirements. With the use of Artifical Intelligence manufacturing, industry has revolutionized reduced human prone error and increased production capacity. The same applies to the medical field where it has greatly improved the diagnosis and precision of medical care. The lastest implementation of AI is Self Driving Cars or Driverless Cars. Seeing the growth of AI has led to the demand of AI Programmers and individuals with the right skill set has a bright future ahead.

    Program Structure : 


    Introduction to AI, history of AI, future of AI, Python for Data Science: Data Structures, Functions, Numpy, Pandas, Computational Complexity, SQL, Plotting for exploratory data analysis (EDA), Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Dimensionality reduction and Visualization: PCA(principal component analysis), (t-SNE)T-distributed Stochastic Neighbourhood Embedding



    Classification And Regression Models: K-Nearest Neighbors, Classification algorithms in various situations, Performance measurement of models, Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, , Linear Regression, Solving Optimization Problems, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Decision Trees, Ensemble Models,  Featurization and Feature engineering



    Unsupervised learning/Clustering, Hierarchical clustering Technique, DBSCAN (Density based clustering) Technique, Recommender Systems and Matrix Factorization, Deep Learning:Neural Networks, Deep Multi-layer perceptrons, Tensorflow and Keras, Convolutional Neural Nets, Long Short-term memory (LSTMs), Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)



         Requirement analysis, Data flow diagram, Project documentation, Milestone breakup, Wireframing, PSD, Project environment setup, Technology-based mini-project development.

    Mini Project: Database design, Frontend design, Backend connectivity.



    Live project: Candidate can work on any project with the help of trainers in the duration of last 3 months 


    Additional classes:

    Resume drafting with job portal training, Email drafting with professional etiquettes, Interview etiquettes,

    Personality development, Corporates etiquette, Demo interview1, Demo interview2, Demo interview3

    Program Duration : 

    We will cover all the above units in the duration of 

    4 Week training: Unit-1, Unit-2

    3 Month training: Unit-1, Unit-2, Unit-3,Unit-4 

    6 Month training: All the above units with additional classes

    Program Outcome :  
    > Understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence
    > Build a virtual AI
    > Use AI to reslove a given problem
    > Master the State of the Art AI models
    > How to build an AI
    W3Grads, Kanpur provides Artificial training with carefully curated courses and modules by experienced trainers. These trainers will be guiding the entire duration and help out understand the basics to the advance part of Artifical Intelligence. We also firmly believe in having a practical hands-on experience. So you can practically apply your learnings from the classroom sessions. The entire training program is designed in a way to help you gain the skillset that the industry demands, making you industry-ready.