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W3grads works on imparting live hands-on experience and training for an individual's development and making them industry ready as professionals or entrepreneurs. We work hard on curating the courses and providing best in class training to aspiring individuals in the field of software development such as Ruby On Rails, Blockchain, Python, JS technologies and Mobile Application development.

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W3Grads is a non-profit organization and we came into existence with one aim, that is to bridge the gap between the same old textbook knowledge and what industry demands from budding programmers or developers.

We are a group of experienced professionals working under different domains of web and software development coming together to carefully curate an array of training programs to help be ready for whatever the challenges the industry throws at you. That being said our objective is to be one of the premier institutes in Kanpur to provide a training platform where you can join us, build your skills and at the end be industry-ready.

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Diversity of knowledge is ensured by experience across many industries, professions, and geographical areas.


To create a fantastic learning experience, opportunities and specialists are carefully selected.


The finest learning results will be provided by experts and institutions.

Why W3grads ?

⦁ Comprehensive Training

All of our training programs have been carefully curated according to what the field demands and also keeping up with the trends.

⦁ Experience Advisores

Our team at W3Grads keeps up to date with current trends and also what skills the industry demands.

⦁ Learn Anywhere Online
With our comprehensive training material and knowledge base consisting of case studies, web seminars, and live classes you can still be a part of training programs within the comfort of the home.

Placement Assistance Courses

Ruby on Rails

Ruby On Rails (RoR or Rails) is the most commonly used framework to develop web applications owing to its powerful development tools and structure of codes which simplifies the common repetitive tasks while building applications and websites. This training will help you to get acquainted with this framework and start building web applications in no time.

Advance PHP with CMS

Advance PHP with CMS is majorly used to give the owner the ability to make small changes on the site without having to rewrite the entire code. The most popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla! , Drupal is used to design such a site. This training will train you on these platforms, so that, you can build a custom website according to the business needs.

Blockchain Application

The development of the Blockchain application has gained a lot of traction across various industries with the introduction of Cryptocurrency. Right now blockchain technology is used to maintain records and as a platform to govern over contracts.This training will take through various applications of blockchain technologies.

Electron JS

ElectronJS is the most preferred framework for developing desktop-based applications using web technologies. This framework gives you APIs, debugging and packaging tools to ease the coding and develop rich applications for desktops. The well-known desktop applications such as Skype, Discord and WhatsApp Desktop are developed on electronjs.

Dot Net

Dot Net or .NET is a framework that provides a set of specific programming guidelines that can be used to develop a range of applications, right from web to mobile. Dot Net uses languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++ for programming and primarly runs on only windows platforms . This framework is designed by Microsoft and is also maintained by them.

JS Technologies

JavaScript (JS) is well known for scripting language for dynamic web pages and also for many non- browser applications. The commonly used frameworks of JS are Angluar.js, Node.js, React.js, Ember.js. Each one has its own functionality and abilities. This training will give you deep understanding and knowledge on each framework.


IOS is an operating system used by Apple for its mobile devices. At present the IOS and Android operating systems have taken up the smartphone space. Though it is not an open-source platform like android it has still gained a lot of popularity owing to its powerful yet easy to use UI. With new users adding up to the IOS platform it has become important for the businesses.


Android is an open-source platform provided by Google.Since its inception android has amassed several users across the globe and holds a huge part in smartphone market share. This reach and growth of android smartphones have made it for any business to have an application to be a touchpoint for the customer especially.

Hybrid (Ionic)

Ionic is an open-source software development framework for developing hybrid mobile app. This framework is a combination of Angular.Js and Cordova. The applications built using this framework are cross-platform compatible via the use of web technologies like CSS, HTML5 and doesn't require the developer to write two separate codes for different platforms.

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W3grads works on imparting live hands-on experience and training for an individual's development and making them industry ready as professionals or entrepreneurs. We work hard on curating the courses and providing best in class training to aspiring individuals in the field of software development such Ruby On Rails , Blockchain , Python , JS technologies and Mobile Application development.

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