About Us

About Us

1.Who We Are 

W3grads is a non-profit organization and we came into existence with one aim, that is to bridge the gap between the same old textbook knowledge and what industry demands from budding programmers or developers. Our objective is to be one of the premier institutes in Kanpur to provide a training platform where you can join us, build your skills and at the end be industry-ready.


2. What we do : 

We intend to provide training/experience to aspiring developers to be on the lines of what an actual corporate demands for the job, thereby bridging the gap between you and your dream job and making you ready for what industry demands from you.


3. What Is Our Approach :  

We provide you with hands-on training across various platforms to get you familiar with the approach taken to resolve the problem and the tools involved in doing so. We provide an assortment of training programs which you can choose from. The trainers here are well experienced in their fields and will help you to boost your capabilities so that you stand out from the rest and get you aligned with modern-day requirements in a corporate world. These courses/training are not only intended for a fresher, a professional employee looking to up his/her skills to deal with ever-changing technologies also welcomed here.