PHP Development

PHP Development Training

PHP is a server-side scripting language widely used for developing static, dynamic webpages or applications. PHP can be used on a widely used operating system such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. With the use of PHP, Web developers have the freedom of choosing their web server as well as operating systems. The server-side scripting is the main operational area in PHP.

What Youll do as PHP Developer :

  • As of PHP developer, your responsibility will be, creating and implementing  Web-based products using PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript. Youll also be involved in developing back-end components and assist front-end developers by making sure their work integrates with the application. PHP has emerged to be one of the best web programming languages due to its efficiency, features and robust database integration. According to the latest survey in 2019, nearly 60 % of web servers use PHP Programming language. With this popularity in its usage there always being a demand for PHP developers. 

    Program Structure : 



    Introduction to PHP, Installing XAMPP server, Writing first PHP script, Embedding PHP within HTML, Using PHP comments, Variables, data types and operators, Conditional Statements (if, if-else, else-if, switch), ternary operator, Loops (while, do-while, for), Nested for , break and continue, PHP Strings, PHP Arrays, PHP functions, Object-Oriented Programming



    Handling HTML forms with PHP, Query Strings, sessions and cookies, File Handling in PHP and directories in PHP, Introduction to database and MySQL, fetching data from MYSQL with PHP, Manipulating MySQL data with PHP (insert, update, delete)



    Installing and using Pear packages, HTML_Table Package, HTML_QuickForm, date and time, http, web server, sending email, creating and manipulating images, regular expressions, XML, Writing and Manipulating XML Documents with PHP, Writing Modular Code,  Documenting Your Code, handling errors



         Requirement analysis, Data flow diagram, Project documentation, Milestone breakup, Wireframing, PSD, Project environment setup, Technology-based mini-project development.

    Mini Project: Database design, Frontend design, Backend connectivity.



    Live project: Candidate can work on any project with the help of trainers in the duration of last 3 months 


    Additional classes:

    Resume drafting with job portal training, Email drafting with professional etiquettes, Interview etiquettes,

    Personality development, Corporates etiquette, Demo interview1, Demo interview2, Demo interview3


    Note: We will cover all the above units in the duration of 

    4 Week training: Unit-1, Unit-2

    3 Month training: Unit-1, Unit-2, Unit-3,Unit-4 

    6 Month training: All the above units with additional classes

    Program Outcome: 
    > Build from scratch a custom MVC Framework
    > Build an application using your custom framework
    > Create a custom PDO class to handle database interactions
    > Deploy your custom PHP application
    At W3grads, we make sure that you learn PHP development techniques and methods comprehensively with the help of our carefully curated course. The experienced trainers will teach you from the basics to advance part of PHP development and it also includes practical learning where you can apply learning gained from classroom sessions. By the end of this course, you'll be well versed with the PHP and also be ready to handle the complexities of the IT sector.