Project Management

Project Management Training

In today's highly competitive business environment, having the ability to deliver the projects on schedule, under budget and that aligns with end business goals are the key factors to be successful. This where the project managers come in place. They  co-ordinate between the the client and developer team and ensure the clients needs are conveyed to developer team and the end project meets the need. 

What does a Project Manager do :

  • A project manager is someone who has a blend of analytical mind, adaptability, and great organizational skills. These managers are accountable for the success or the failure of the project. Typical responsibility of project managers includes planning to execution of the projects, Managing the teams involved, and align the project to meet the business goals and communicating project status with stakeholders. They are involved in planning, directing, managing and executing the given project. 


    Program Structure : 


    Introduction to Project Management, Initiating the Project, Identifying Project Requirements: Scope and Quality, Planning Scope Management, Collecting Requirements, Defining Scope, Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Planning Quality Management, Project Resource Planning: Resource Management, Project Resource Planning: Cost Management and Resource Management, Managing Project Uncertainty: Risk and Procurement Management



    Executing the Project, Project Leadership: Managing the Project Team, Monitoring and Controlling Project Requirements, Monitoring and Controlling Project Resources, Project Closure and Other Project Management Methodologies, Project Management Simulation, Co-op Preparation



    Managing Stakeholder, Client and Executive Relationships, Conflict Management and Stress Management, Facilitated Decision Making and Negotiation, Leadership, Influence and Politics in a Project Environment, Developing, Managing, Motivating and Inspiring the Effective Project Team, Organizational Culture and Cultural Pluralism in a Project


         Requirement analysis, Data flow diagram, Project documentation, Milestone breakup, Wireframing, PSD, Project environment setup, Technology-based mini-project development.

    Mini Project: Database design, Frontend design, Backend connectivity.



    Live project: Candidate can work on any project with the help of trainers in the duration of last 3 months 


    Additional classes:

    Resume drafting with job portal training, Email drafting with professional etiquettes, Interview etiquettes,

    Personality development, Corporates etiquette, Demo interview1, Demo interview2, Demo interview3

    Program Duration : 

    We will cover all the above units in the duration of 

    4 Week training: Unit-1, Unit-2

    3 Month training: Unit-1, Unit-2, Unit-3,Unit-4 

    6 Month training: All the above units with additional classes

    Program Outcome : 
     > Get acquainted with terminologies and concepts involved.
    > Understand the best practices involved in project management.
    > Develop problem-solving ability
    > Provide faster solutions to clients, ensure compliance, reduce risk factors and save time and costs
    > Learn to maintain project schedules and budgets
    > Develop good leadership skills.

    W3grads offers a Project Training program that has been designed and curated by the current industry standards and experienced trainers. This training program will involve classroom as well as practical hands-on experience  on how to plan, direct and manage a project . This blend of classroom and hands-on practical session you'll be well prepared for what the industry demands from you.