Hybrid (Ionic) Development

Hybrid (Ionic) Development Traning

Ionic is an open-source software development framework for developing hybrid mobile app. This framework is a combination of Angular.Js and Cordova. The applications built using this framework are cross-platform compatible via the use of web technologies like CSS, HTML5  and doesn't require the developer to write two separate codes for different platforms. 

What is the Scope pf Ionic Application Development:

  • As an Ionic Developer, you'll be involved in developing apps using the ionic framework with the use of web technologies such as HTML, JS, CSS. Every developer has a basic knowledge of these languages and the ionic framework doesn't require you to know a specific programming language. Applications you code uses a common code structure and uses Cordova plugins to bridge the differences between the platforms. This lets the developer write only one code for all the platforms. This ability is gaining popularity amongst the developers and businesses as well due to its efficiency. The number of apps being published on Apple and Android is growing at a rapid pace generating requirements for skilled ionic application developers.


    Program Structure : 


    Introduction to Ionic framework, Ionic and Apache Cordova, Angular as the backing framework for Ionic, Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Ionic, getting started with Ionic, Software Requirements, Installing NodeJS and VS Code, Installing Android Studio for Android and XCode for iOS, Installing Ionic and Cordova CLIs, Creating first Ionic App – “Hello Ionic”, Folder structure of an Ionic App, role of Config.xml, Templates in Ionic, Running an Ionic App in the browser with live-reload, Running an Ionic App on Android Emulator, Running an Ionic App on iOS Simulator



    Basic Ionic components, Header and Footer, Buttons and FABs in Ionic, Buttons in Header and Footer, Predefined Colors in Ionic, Icons in Ionic (Ionicons), Form Inputs in Ionic – Text Inputs, Radio and Checkboxes and Selects, Lists in Ionic, Ion avatars and thumbnails, Sliding Lists in Ionic, cards in Ionic, Grid in Ionic, Customizing Components with SCSS, Basic Interactivity with Buttons and Text Inputs, Basic Interactivity with Radio buttons, Checkboxes and Selects, Loading Controller, Toast Controller, Alert Controller, ActionSheet Controller, Creating new Pages, Page Navigation using NavController, Passing Data between Pages, Lazy loading the Pages in Ionic, Modal Controller, Popover Controller



    Basics of HTTP and APIs, Asynchronous and Synchronous Code, Observables and Promises, Using HTTP in Ionic with HttpClientModule and HttpClient, Making a simple GET request, Retrieving data from an API, Displaying data in the App, Introduction to Ionic Native, using Ionic Native Module, Camera Plugin, Debugging Apps with Chrome Remote Debugging, Using Geolocation Plugin, Basics of Firebase, Installing and Configuring Firebase, Firebase Auth and Cloud Firestore, Signing Up and Logging in Users, Saving Data to Cloud Firestore, Reading & Querying Data on Cloud Firestore, Updating Data in Cloud Firestore, Building the App for release for Android, Creating a Key-store to Sign, Signing the App, Verifying the signed file, Upload the file to Play Store



    Requirement analysis, Data flow diagram, Project documentation, Milestone breakup, Wireframing, PSD, Project environment setup, Technology-based mini-project development.

    Mini Project: Database design, Frontend design, Backend connectivity.



    Live project: Candidate can work on any project with the help of trainers in the duration of last 3 months 


    Additional classes:

    Resume drafting with job portal training, Email drafting with professional etiquettes, Interview etiquettes,

    Personality development, Corporates etiquette, Demo interview1, Demo interview2, Demo interview3

    Program Duration  :

    We will cover all the above units in the duration of 

    4 Week training: Unit-1, Unit-2

    3 Month training: Unit-1, Unit-2, Unit-3,Unit-4 

    6 Month training: All the above units with additional classes

    Program Outcome: 

    > Gain the understanding and the ability to build native apps and web apps from the same codebase
    > Develop apps for iOS and Android, using the powerful features Ionic combined with angular.
    > Deep understanding of Ionic framework, core and advanced features.
    > Build and test Apps for IOS and Android platform and publish them on the app store.
    At W3grads, we make sure that you learn Ionic Application Development techniques and methods comprehensively with the help of our carefully curated course. The experienced trainers here will teach you from the basics to advance part of  Ionic Application Development and it also includes practical training where you can apply learning gained from classroom sessions. By the end of this course, you'll be well versed in Ionic Application Development and also be ready to develop any applications from scratch.